Top 3 lessons from CssConfAu

We recently got the opportunity to attend cssconf in Melbourne, followed by Decompress (a day of lightning talks and hacking).

I found it to be a really rewarding experience. The material presented was really relevant to my work and I got to pick the brains of some of the speakers during break time :)

Here's a list of my top 3 takeaways from the CSS Conf AU by category:

  1. CSS & Usability & Accessibility
    • 4 1/2 of theming css - Depending on your needs.
    • Everyone is responsible for "UX" - that includes devs!
    • Every hour you spend making the web faster, more accessible and easier to use, turns into days of time saved by real people
    • SVGs are what we should eat for breakfast every morning
    • Pick your colors wisely, because they might increase/decrease your accessibility
  2. Web Page performance:
    • Cram your initial view into the first 14kb
    • Eliminate any non-critical resources blocking your critical path
    • Be responsible with your responsive design
    • Perceived performance > Actual performance
  3. Animations:
    • Improves your user experience
    • Animate exclusively on opacity and transforms
    • Perceived speed > Actual speed
    • Animations help infer context from revealed information
    • Use animations instead of gifs!

After following all the speakers on Twitter, I happened upon a couple of good resources unbeknownst to me, and I’ve added them to my Easter break reading/review/code list of resources:

  1. Front End Guidelines by Benjamin de Cock

  2. CSS Guidelines by Harry Roberts

  3. Stray articles I’ve missed from Filament Group
  4. A guide to SVG Animations by Sara Soueidan (+ her other articles)

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Choon Ken Ding