Hacking the WiFi Spy Tank - Part 3

In part 2, I covered how to get into the router configuration, and now we are going to build on that to connect to your own WiFi network.

This is particularly exciting because you could connect multiple tanks to the one WiFi network and control them all from a computer.

NOTE: This is tricky, and if you mess it up, or miss a step, you will brick the tank and need to factory reset and try again. Instructions on factory resetting can be found in part 2.

Step one: Change to client mode.

On the left tree menu, select Wireless -> Basic

In there, change the mode selector from "AP" to "Client". Press save changes, and in the next page make sure you select "Reboot Later"!

Change the "Mode" to "Client"

Make sure you "Reboot Later", otherwise you will be locked out!

Step Two: DHCP

Once its on your home network the IP address will not match the correct subnet, so you will need to tell it to get a different IP.

Go under "TCP/IP Settings" -> "LAN Interface" and change the "DHCP" setting to Client. Press "Apply Changes" and dont forget to select "Reboot later" again.

Change the IP to DHCP.

Step three: Join

Now go to Wireless -> Site Survey Find your network SSID in the list, select it using the radio selector on the right, then press "Next"

Select your wifi network using the radio selector on the right.

In the next page, enter the PSK of your wifi network.

Enter your PSK here

Press connect and it will start connecting!

NOTE: The page will never load, as the network has changed now.

Step four: Reboot

The tank has now joined your network, but still hasnt restarted to change the DHCP settings, so it has the wrong IP.

Restart the tank by using the power switch underneath. Turn it off and back on.

Once it has started again, go to your home router's configuration and find the IP address of the tank.

That's it!

This will work with as many tanks as you want, so you could drive them all at the same time using your computer.